What is this Guide?

With this book we wanted to create an introductory reference for new Agile Coaches as well as experienced ScrumMasters. It contains much of the theory that we teach our new colleagues at agile42, and hopefully lots of insights for new coaches. This is the book we wish we had had when we started out as agile coaches, and it’s now available to download free of charge.

About the Authors
The agile42 coaches are experts. We take great pride in our tradition of coaching, which is continuously being adapted to the needs of the company and teams. Our approach is simple, but not easy, and here are some of the tools we use.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Agile Coaching

by the agile42 coaches

The ebook can also be purchased from worldwide Amazon Stores in Kindle format and as a nice, 134-page paperback. Prices vary according to different national policies, exchange rates, and taxations. Check your Amazon Store.

"This book is important because it is one of (still) a few that focus very much on the agile coach as enabler of a team and a role-model of agile values throughout the organisation… helping a company adopt agile in an agile way."

Geoff Watts
Scrum & Leadership Coach

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